The Interrogator Volume 2
March 2011
Artist Eileen Doyle interviewed by Adam Rose.

Photo by Eric Bartholomew

AR: Is there Prozac in our water supply?

ED: I say a lot of weird shit, but yes, there's Prozac in the water. I first read about it in a National Geographic issue on water. It's in trace amounts, can be found in fish, and nobody knows what long-term effects it'll have -- yet. You can also find other drugs in the drinking water -- spices and flavorings too. Water filtration takes out the metals but isn't equipped to remove the drugs, spices, certain household chemicals (I include artificial vanilla[vanillin] under that category).
I think they're working on that??? Either way, eight cups a day -- 64 ounces, and I FEEL GREAT.

AR: How many times have you watched Pretty Woman?

ED: Pretty Woman -- I don't even know. Bits and pieces. I haven't watched it in ages. I'm confident I can count the times on one hand. So trivial, really!

AR: Should artists have children?

ED: Artists, anyone, should do what they want, and if it means to have kids -- ok. I mean, I honestly think we can do with more thoughtful and creative sorts, but that doesn't mean popping out some kids. Artists can pop 'em out then hand 'em out, too, if they want. Give their spawn to conservative Republicans to emotionally cripple. Uuh. I don't even know. Would I have kids? The moment they start crying, I'm telling them they need a new mother.

AR: Do you believe in recycling?

ED: I believe in recycling in myriad forms! From material recycling to idea recycling.

AR: Is planet Earth about to be recycled?

ED: Planet Earth should be recycled. It's really a mess right now.

AR: What are you working on these days? How're things in Texas?

ED: I'm not working on much art these days. I doodle, I brainstorm, whatever. I'm pretty slow at developing concrete plans for projects. I do have some visions of a video that may or may not come to be. There's an artist/musician here called Bubbleface who hosts a weekly music night here, and I may get in on that. Right now I'm learning and researching, and trying to manage my time between work, making a social life, paying off debts, spending time with my sister -- a lot of life shit most artists have to contend with, I guess. I've been taking a boxing class for a month or so. I have the inclination to compete but I'm still learning basics. We'll see how that informs my art. I've only been in Austin for three months -- it's felt like forever. I have to remind myself that, once in a while, when I get anxious about productivity. It's really been a crash course in everything -- new job, new activities, new surroundings. Time none-the-less goes slower. There's more nature here and it's also hot. There's a 1000+ acre wilderness reserve next to my apartment where I got lost for a bit. People are always running around, biking, kayaking/canoeing on the river. It's also true too that shit's bigger in Texas. Huge cars, huge supermarkets, towering overpasses. But then it's strangely the same as ever. I've seen weird Austin doppelgangers of people I know in Chicago. There's good beer everywhere. People drink, dance, and party -- dress weird, act weird -- the usual things.

AR: Will there be another Garbage World?

ED: The future is very uncertain. Deep down I love the energy on the night of the event, seeing everything come together -- but the organizing process is so hectic. I know I need to find a troupe of trustworthy and loyal fellows if I want to have another Garbage World. I really can't say if another one will happen anytime soon. In a perfect world, I would give an enthusiastic yes.

AR: Why make performance art?

ED: Everybody will have their reasons. I can only answer for myself. I try to do what feels right -- sometimes the experience feels awful until the very end and maybe feels right a little later. Sometimes it's just awful forever. I've been using performance as a tool to make sense of/engage with the world around me through acting out, starting conversations, and reflecting on the aftermath. People talk back, or don't. Something else happens and . . . er -- I don't really know how to go from there on the why. My head keeps going on goofy tangents. The world is difficult. Struggles of people, struggles within myself. What am I supposed to make of it all? I'm so darn emo and angst ridden. At least I'm doing something? Have I bettered your world??? Who's it all done for anyway? Certainly not for God. I might not be in Chicago anymore, but, you know, it's the same scene everywhere. Now back to the internet. But, really, do what's in your heart, yo. But what if that means to kill? Why kill?

AR: Yes, why kill?


Eileen Doyle (Gertie Garbage) is the curator and host of the performance series Garbage World.